Sunday, June 17, 2007

A Personal Endorsement

A while back I wrote here a three-step set of advice for hypnotizing your favorite submissive. At the time, I realized that it was based on a pretty limited set of examples. How useful could it be?

Pretty damn useful, it turns out. I had the chance recently to hypnotize someone new, and without much time to assess and customize the situation, simply used my own formula.

What happened? Well, I quickly found myself a promising hypnosub. Let's call her Hypnosub y since I suspect she'll put in more appearances here.

The induction occurred in an unlikely setting: a quiet park, after sunset. The bright object she stared at was a street light. To deepen the trance, I used a metaphor I happened to know would appeal to her: floating in a huge bath. (I knew to use this because I remembered to ask her beforehand about her favorite way to relax.)

During the deepening, I counted down from 100, and since she was motionless and deep breathing from about 50 on down, I figured it had worked. The only unexpected part was her body tone. Instead of limp and floppy, she was frozen and rigid. I haven't seen that before.

I gave y's subconscious just one instruction, the 're-induction' trigger, then let her wake up. She couldn't recall my conversation with her subconscious (an excellent sign). And when I tried the trigger, she dropped immediately back into trance. Of course I tried a variety of instructions: I told her she was feeling very warm between her legs. (When she woke up, she just said she had to pee badly. Whoops.) I told her to forget the number six. That one she responded to very nicely.

A few days later I installed the word "statue" as a trigger. Worked great. We'll be using that a lot. I then tried my old favorite, the general-purpose command. ("Whenever I say 'flashlight', you will obey whatever I say next.") It failed miserably. No reaction at all. I think her subconscious is able to 'stop' actions so far, but unable to 'start' them.

Most recently, I introduced hypnotic body sensations, first telling her subconscious that she was being stroked between her legs, then saying the same thing to her semi-awake mind, and finally repeating the scene to her conscious mind. She immediately started feeling the commands quite vividly; in fact the phantom fingers stroked her to a pretty good imitation of an orgasm. (Now, when we're apart, I send her little body-tingling text instructions.)

Hypnosub y is not particularly excited about hypnotism, but sees it as a pleasant addition to conscious submission. She loves how much it relaxes her, eliminating any nervousness about our scenes.

I'll let you know how things progress. Meanwhile, take it from me, those instructions really do work.


Anonymous said...

Great stuff, very interesting as always, hope to see more interesting hypno commands sometime

Mind's eye said...

[quote]Hypnosub y is not particularly excited about hypnotism[/quote]

Yes, but how does her subconscious feel about it?
Is she curious, enthusiastic, or just wary?

HypnoMaster D said...

Based on her performance so far, I'd say her subconscious is very enthusiastic. I'll let you know if I get her to speak up.