Thursday, June 28, 2007

Another Mind Behind

Because of the remarkable connections I made with both marion and Megan, the subconscious minds behind a couple of devoted subs, I've of course wondered whether I was just lucky in my choice of friends ... or had stumbled onto some special method for unlocking these hidden personalities.
Meeting "y" has given me a chance to find out. And so far... in all honesty... I think I have something here. From a chance meeting in a chat room last fall, to meeting in person just a few weeks ago, she's gone from curious submissive to hypnotic subject quite readily.
Her subconscious, whom I have creatively named "Sub", doesn't have quite the range of abilities of marion or Megan. But she's eager to please, and to learn. She of course is doing my bidding in turning y into a fine hypnoslut. I chatted with Sub last night, and asked her many of the same questions I put to marion and Megan a few months ago in the "Mind Behind" entries. I found interesting similarities and differences.
Sub has been around since birth, she says; her earliest memory is playing with dolls. She has been a fairly passive observer during y's life -- able to suggest things, and influence her decisions, but unable to seize control physically. So she's able to carry out my commands to freeze y's body, to apply sensory illustions (my fingers pinching her nipples, unusual tastes in her mouth), and to fool her memory (forgetting the number 6 for a while). She also is able to chat with me while y's mind wanders off somewhere else.
Sub's main limitation right now is that she's unable to take physical control. "Y's body will trump me every time." That explains why most of my posthypnotic commands weren't working.
How is she different from her conscious self? She prefers more extremes -- the rough stuff -- although she's warned me that anything too rough will arouse y's defenses and wake her up. Sub's desire to obey me and please me is probably what led y to meet me in the first place.
What I especially love is her answer when I asked why she'd emerged for me. "I like the way you talk to me," she said. That's pretty much the same message I got from marion and Megan. And it really validates something I do deliberately with all subs now. I assume her subconscious is listening in.
The bottom line for other doms who are playing these games: Be nice to your sub's subconscious -- compliment her directly, refer to her efforts and successes -- and eventually you will be able to say "Hello, subconscious" and get the wonderful response that I did yesterday: "Hello, Master."

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