Monday, June 18, 2007

Another Subconscious Heard From

You'd likely miss this great new comment, on an earlier post, if I didn't point it out. Check out what Hexagon has to report, at the bottom of this post. I'm always pleased to meet someone else who has 'unlocked' the subconscious and chats with it separately. It means that perhaps my experience, and K's experience, is not so bizarre after all.


Hexagon said...

Well hope this info was a great addition to your reports. As i said for me it happened "automatically", this inner "her" took over as she was too shy to tell me what she really wanted. Was quite interesting somehow. Oh and i am glad i found this site, was a link in your singnature at the MCForum i think. And was quite great to read this happened to others too. Before this one girl i never have seen this, and not again afterwards. So i was not quite sure what was going on there, or if i found a very special person or whatever. So you seem to need a really special connection to "lure" this inner person out :)

HypnoMaster D said...

Ever since meeting two of these "inner persons" myself, I have assumed that all my hypnotic subjects have one, who is listening to me -- especially during trance -- and carrying out my instructions.

I figure that the subconscious has to learn how to achieve some of my "effects", and so I make a point of complementing her on her improvements and accomplishments.

Literally true or not, it's a model that seems to work.