Sunday, June 3, 2007

London Adventures

Live near London? You should look up Gabrielle, a 30-year-old who by her own account is one of the more adventurous hypnosis subjects you'll meet. She loves it when guys show her subconscious a good time.

Here's a sample scene report:

It all started when I heard a knock on the door, next thing I was in my silver catsuit suspended between two chairs orgasming as I stared at this most amazing spot on the ceiling...

I came awake in a bar and it seemed I was ordering drinks. I paid and tried to take the drinks back to the table (which table I have no idea, but I seemed to know where it was), except every bloody step made me feel like I was being fucked, no joke, it was like a thrust into me...

Ever had sex suspended in mid air? Its amazing, I had sex with him about 200 metres off the ground and it was great to be so high.

The full report is here, although you need to be a Yahoo member and log in to read it.

Chat with her via text, and if you're nice she'll tell you her trigger word ...

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