Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Legend in her Own Mind

What did I say? Know your subject well, and you can give them the time of their life.

Take K. His wife and devoted slave c happens to be a passionate fan of Pirates of the Caribbean, and a fine musician too. After seeing the film Friday night, and focusing as much on the sound track as on the dialog, she sang little songs and pretended to be Jack Sparrow in the car on the way home.

She thought K was annoyed by her prattling, but actually he was scheming. He downloaded the soundtrack over the weekend, burned a CD, and had a chat with her subconscious.

Then he took c for a long drive today, with the CD in the player.

Every time the movie's theme popped up -- it's in about five of the tracks -- c turned into ... Jack Sparrow. Her face changed, her voice changed, she talked about the ship, she called him Beastie.

"Part of me knew I was me, but most of me totally believed I was actually on a ship," she says. "I was Jack Sparrow, telling people what to do, because I could see them and they weren't doing what I told them to do."

Then on the way home, K told her to drive. Whenever her musical cue came on, she turned into the captain at the wheel, steering the car like a ship.

"The other cars were like rocks I had to navigate around," she says, "although the ship was a little more responsive than most."

c admits that she'd rather be with Jack Sparrow than to be Jack Sparrow himself, but "it was great."

They're going back to see the film again tomorrow. "I am a bit obsessed," she says. No telling what will happen when the music swells ...


c said...

Being Jack Sparrow...well how to describe being this character...actually knowing your in a car yet being able to feel the sea on your face and feeling the wood under your feet hearing the sounds of the wind in sails. Was just amazing... True i would rather wake up with him in my bed than in his body but the experience was just out of this world.

How does this make me feel?? Well i feel so free, like my body cant hold me back from the places i want to be, like i can become anyone i chose like that woman on xmen...

Anyways until i become someone else...
Take what you can, give nothing back

c x

Anonymous said...

Nice to hear you're still having fun :)

- grey_shadow