Sunday, July 29, 2007

Too Clever

Just when you think you have this game figured out ...

Her name is, let's say, Deborah. She's an academic, about 30, in a city far from me. I answered a note she'd posted somewhere about an interest in hypnosis; she read over this blog and decided to give it a try. Her field of study includes hypnosis, which made it even more intriguing to her.

From the beginning, hypnosis with her was just amazing. She was on webcam, so I could see everything -- her frozen-eyed trances, her gymnastic orgasms, the very different look on the face of her subconscious. And her particular kink was very interesting; she wanted to feel her mind go blank, and to have her consciousness filled with erotic scenes. Her subconscious had her own edgy tastes. I was feeling pretty cocky.

After a few days of mind-control games, both conscious and subconscious dropped hints that what Deborah really craved was to experience a woman's touch. She was caught in a dilemma between intrigue at a friend's blatant advances, and a long-held conviction that if she slept with a woman she was a lesbian. Hypnosis, she thought, might get her past this block.

My next step was so innocent. During one of her 'mind blanks' I told her that she preferred men, but would enjoy experiencing sex with a woman. She thanked me afterward, and made plans to approach her friend the next day and file an immediate report with me.

Deborah disappeared. No contact at all. My emails went unanswered. She was online nowhere. Eventually I posted a "report to me" command to her subconscious somewhere that I thought she might look.

Days later she reappeared, looking distraught. As I'd come to suspect, the friend had turned out to be extremely dominant and had held her as a love slave ... and now Deborah was torn between her new domme's demands and her obedience toward me. She wanted me, she said.

That was a week ago, no contact since.

Memo to myself: Next time you turn someone into a lesbian, remember what that means!

[And a personal note to Moscow: Report]


Anonymous said...

had a very similar incident this week , met a sub online and was hoping to meet very soon, did alot of hypnosis but boof she has vanished :(

what can you do, i wish people left a message to say something

Semega said...

This post has me a little worried. Hindsight always being twenty-twenty, do you think that this might have been a misstep in giving her that suggestion? The situation just seems a bit non-consensual-not so much the hypnosis, but the domme girlfriend...

I know you are both consenting adults and you had no way of knowing that the other girl would act in that way, but it's concerning that she seems to be in distress.

HypnoMaster D said...

My friend, you are quite right. In telling the story I skipped over a rather long discussion in which I tried to undo the manipulative emotional blackmail that the domme had used to ensnare her. Deborah clearly didn't want to go back to her, and said she wouldn't. So I was surprised that I never heard from her again. It's hard for me to understand the problem, much less help resolve it, if she won't reach out.

Anonymous said...

good to see the blog back..hope to hear about more hypnotic suggestions and triggers soon...their always fun to explore

Megan Behind said...

Semega, it's always nice to see your comments on here (as it is to see everyone's comments) as you care about what happens to us as well as how much gratification you can get for yourself. Knowing D as I do I believe He has tried his hardest to correct something that Deborah actually wanted in the first place. He is right though, if she wont reach out then what else is He to do? Try not to worry things always right themself eventually, we're programmed like that!

Deborah said...

Sir, I only just read this post (I only just gathered the courage to come back to your site), and feel awful. I am terribly sorry if I have caused you any distress.

I am well now. What happened with my "friend" was -- well, distressing. There was more involved which I hadn't known about when I last spoke to you. All in all, it was nasty. Truly nasty.

I only wanted to reassure you that I am fine now, and to apologise for not contacting you sooner. But I was unable at first, and then I was so spooked and upset that I was almost unable to as well.

HypnoMaster D said...


I'm so glad you're well again, and sorry that you went through such turmoil.

And thank you for getting back in touch. It gives us all a sense of closure to know it worked out all right in the end.

If you get a chance to email me directly, and are comfortable doing that again, please do.