Friday, July 13, 2007

Getting it Backward

I keep running across this question out there in BDSM land: Can I hypnotize my girlfriend into being my sub?

When the question is asked in a public forum, it often sets off a discussion about the ethics of the guy asking the question, or the details of a stage show somebody saw in college, or the existence of hypnosis itself.

I think that's mostly missing the point: If you want to have a hypnotized submissive, it's a lot easier if you start with someone who's already submissive.

Based on my limited but consistent experience, if you know a sub who trusts you, it's remarkably easy to put her into a trance, install a few simple instructions to demonstrate your control, and then communicate with the subconscious about next steps. It doesn't always work, but my successes have far outweighed my few disappointments.

Some guys also want to be sneaky about it, to do "stealth" inductions. Again, if you're working with a sub who trusts you, just tell her what you're doing and what she might expect to experience. I suppose it's possible to achieve a stealth induction, but only in the most clueless of subjects. And if her subconscious doesn't want to be in your control already, I don't think she'll be going under.

Bottom line: If she's not submissive already, hypnosis is unlikely to help. If she is submissive already, then by all means give it a try.


thisgirl said...

We havent gone as far into hypnosis as you guys but i would agree with the above, but then as well for any form of D/s to work at its best then the trust has to be there to begin with.

I think if he had tried to do it the first time we met I would have been seriously freaked out as my 'trance' was initially triggered by a special mask he made with built in sound, led lights and breath control in it which can run suggestive computer patterns and if wired up in certain ways can be used with electro play which would have been very freaky if i didnt trust him.

I had wanted it though at the time and he had created it from some ideas i had that i said i wanted to be brainwashed into being an obedient slave but then really that was just me admitting i wanted submision in a longwinded way lol.

One of the things that makes d/s work is the exchange of control & i think mind control is just another way of enforcing that but you cant let someone control you if you think that control is going to be misused defences kick in.

Hypnoslave c said...

thisgirl, you make a valid point put more elequently than i believe i ever D passed on with my comment on the previous blog the key thing is always TRUST! It's good to see others are going down this path, its an amazing journey!

Semega said...

LOL, I saw the subject and your response up on the forum you mentioned, figured you would mention it!

JHK said...

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