Saturday, July 7, 2007

Double the Pleasure

Designing a BDSM scene gets complicated when your sub is of two minds about it. My new hypnoslave y is enthusiastic but quite inexperienced in real life with submissive games. She's told me in great detail about her fantasies and what she'd like to try. Easy enough. But the more I get to know her subconscious, Sub, the more I realize that she too has her own fantasies and play ideas, and they're not quite the same.

y is not comfortable being entirely naked. Sub is. y isn't comfortable seeing me naked. Sub is. y wants her breasts teased; Sub wants them pinched hard. y wants to be spanked; Sub wants to be spanked hard. y loves a couple of fingers inside her; Sub wants a fat dildo. It goes on like that.

So before y came over to play last week, I spent a lot of time thinking about the scenes. How could I avoid leaving y overstretched, and yet avoid leaving Sub underwhelmed?
I finally realized the obvious solution: Give each what she wanted -- and use hypnosis to switch between them. I realized that my friend K had tried this months ago with c and Megan.

So y started out with a lovely long stroking, teasing and spanking, all in all the sort of varied sensation play she loves. Once she was purring, with a word I sent her into a trance, deepened it as much as I could, then summoned Sub. She got the fat dildo, pussy spanking and, for a climax, an orgasm driven by breast slaps.

The orgasm woke up y, who clearly had no idea she'd just cum, and instead covered her exposed breasts and complained about her nipple hurting.

The second scene was tight bondage, and again y went first. I teased and tormented her, and she writhed under the attention. I enhanced it with a little hypnotically induced sensation play. She was convinced that my fingers were wiggling away inside her.

Halfway through, I said the magic word and, in mid gasp, she dropped into a trance, utterly limp. Now it was Sub's turn, and what she needed was a really aggressive nasty dom, who snarled and laid atop her and covered her mouth and nose with his hand. The harder I pushed, the hotter she got. I pushed her nearly to orgasm.

Then I woke up y, brought her the rest of the way to orgasm, and had two happy subs on my hands.

Both of them told me later how much they'd loved their scenes. I think I'm going to be giving these dual performances again.


Blnkstr said...

Amazing. These entries are all absolutely fascinating and sexy and educational. Please keep up the good work.

On the other hand (and I hate to bring it up, but my curiousity is aroused), do you have any worries about creating some odd form of multiple personality split or dissociative state in the subjects? It sounds like the girls are all happy and healthy, and there shouldn't be a reason for them to worry (such as trauma or stress or fear), but it's something to consider.

Once again, thanks for a sexy and thought-provoking journal.

HypnoMaster D said...

Thanks, and a great question.

I'm not worried about the boundaries between the two personalities being altered -- they've existed too many years for me to have much effect there. But there are other risks.

I asked c and her subconscious Megan, who definitely advise that a sub be cautious.

"This path is dangerous. I just know the risks," c says. "To lose control of your body and to not be aware can be fun, but it's not something to be taken lightly."

The biggest risk, Megan says, is that a woman might encounter "a dom who abuses the trust she gives him. She can be left too long in trance, which can be unpleasant for the subject, especially if her subconscious is strong, like me."

"These games can lead to jealousy and heartache," c adds. "If the trust isn't there, these games have the potential to destroy 'good' relationships."