Thursday, August 2, 2007

Indulgence for the masters...

It's very rare people access their entire minds. It's also very rare that the part of the mind where I sit is ever tapped into. This post is not really a progression as reported by D and c but merely a collection of thoughts of a 'person' with no really identity of their own. This is mostly for the pleasure of D and K who both appreciate when i communicate with them in this medium.

Basically I am c, I am just a part of her that until recently was unreachable to others. These two Dom's have worked hard to pull me forward and c has worked hard with her own emotions to allow me through. While I write c is currently under the belief she is in an igloo a favorite place of hers where she goes willingly when i am required to be 'in front'. What is life like for me? It's pretty much the same as life for c, we experince the same things, share the same desires and feel the emotions its just I sit behind the driver. Thats the best way i can think of describing it.

Recently D has worked with others and i know there are a few out there who disagree with the ways turned out with Deborah. What has happened to her was not D's fault...If the 'driver' doesnt want to turn then believe me they won't. For example, there are times i cannot push forward, c simply won't allow it, either she isn't in the mood or just doesnt want her body invaded. c has mentally fought with me on a few occasions in order to keep me at bay. In short if c doesnt want me to be spoken to, believe me she won't let me through. The same way if i am asked to send her somewhere she can change the place she goes to or decide to not go at all. Sometimes she's just not in the mood and wants K to herself and that is fine with me.

She wrote a blog not so long ago about trust, and this is what this whole experiment boils down to, if your sub doesn't trust you then you won't ever discover the person beneath. Am I happy? very much so i get spoken to directly and get to make c happy which in turn makes me happy...its great i can give her so much....

Apologies is this is a bit jumbled I dont use this medium much, thank you for reading and to c thank you for giving me a chance and letting me through.


Semega said...

This really intrigues me. From my perspective, it is really hard to imagine a separate person within me. One who is content to take a back seat to what is happening in the "vessel"/body?
I keep trying to imagine that it is similar to that little voice in my head that is a counterpoint to my rational arguments, but I don't think that that is accurate from what you are describing.
So I guess it's three questions/comments:
1- Please keep up the postings as it is most enjoyable to get everyones perspective on this!
2- Can you lie? Be it for good or bad motives or are you the real truth of the being? for that matter what would you two call yourself combined? (wow that's way out there!)
3- Do you think coming out is helpful or harmful to c? ( I purposely mentioned helpful 1st!) Is the exposing/bringing yourself to the forefront creating a schism between the two of you that continues to widen resulting in confusion of your identity, or does this help to bring better understanding?

I know it's deep, but yes and no answers bore me!!!!

Hypnoslave c said...

It intrigues me too semega, think from what i have just read she is a part of my brain i dont use that often!

Megan Behind said...

K has just asked me to answer straight after c because he has plans for us...

1 - will post when i am allowed to by K and comment when i can

2 - c can lie so i can too i am just a part of her mind anyways. Combined we are c, the only reason we use the name megan is because she used to have an imaginary friend called megan which is what i was to her! (the little voice in her head - makes her sound crazy)

3 - I think it has been helpful for c to know i am here but think that there was a point where the use of me was harmful to the relationship before c realised that i was just part of her. I am used a lot less now which is fine with me as a to be honest i prefer to take a back seat and just observe.

Its hard to make clear that c doesnt have split personalities but she doesnt, i am just part of her all have a me lurking inside

HypnoMaster D said...

I agree that we must all have a silent half inside us, observing and occasionally influencing. I've now met several more subconsciouses, each of them a complement that helps round out the individual's personality.

How can you meet one? If you've been able to hypnotize someone, and they reach a trance state that they don't later recall, you're there. Just say, "Subconscious, I want you to say hello." I predict you'll hear a little whispery voice say, "Hello."

You can take it from there.

Anonymous said...

Just as a curiosity have you ever allowed Megan and c to have a conversation ? (perhaps through some sort of medium like writing or a chat room) I think the results could be pretty interesting, perhaps you can even have them take turns controlling the body while both "see" each other as they speak.

I havnt commented here before, but I have had quite a bit of hypnosis experience with my girlfriend.

also a question to D, have you ever been hypnotised yourself, do you find it easy/ hard?

- S

HypnoMaster D said...

Anon, we'd love to hear about your experiences! Post them here or you can email me at .

As for my own experience, I have gotten very close to the edge, and I'm sure could be hypnotized given time and patience. The challenge is that I know too much about the process to readily stop monitoring it.

To your other question, Megan can see and hear c at all times; she's the same person. But as far as I know, they have only conversed once, when c was awake but Megan pushed through to take control of her fingers on the keyboard. c did not enjoy that experience, and so it's not been repeated.

Hypnoslave c said...

Anon, I managed to hypnotize K last night with some interesting results, need to speak to D before we report them is possible!

Shahar said...

well I have no doubts it is possible, and I'd love to hear about your experience, my girlfriend has also been a sub for many years (as well as a Dom at times)

Well after getting the OK from my girlfriend (Trust is the basis for this whole thing after all right?) so we have one of those relationships where everything is out in the open. In fact our first conversation before even meeting was about hypnosis and various fetishes. anyways, I had been interested in hypnosis for more than 10 years now (since high school at least, where we had regular hypno shows) anyways so once we got together it didn't take too long for hypnosis to come up. in the past I've basically read scripts but I felt like my timing was still a bit off so to hypnotise her for the first time I used a video on google video showing an induction by wearing headphones and repeating everything I heard to her (she could not see the video). The thing is I'm betting that her experience as a sub allowed her to go under much more quickly than the video subject so I had to improvise. and by the end of the night I had her forgetting numbers and seeing things that werent there... the whole thing made me nervous as hell ( I was shaking) but I managed to go on regardless...

she tried the same process on me and did get me fairly relaxed but I had the same issue as D did (I pay more attention to HOW the induction is going than actually following the induction because I know all the steps)

anyways that is just a short bit of my experiences, so far I have what is basically a command for her to go under on command, but I've found it makes her very physically tired to go under, so I'm hoping to get around that by putting her under trance in a different way (using more focusing commands and less relaxation. I have read books worth of materials on hypnosis and I know a lot of theory. I've even taken classes on the subject, but actually hypnotising somone has been the greatest learning experience for me. and it dosnt hurt that my girlfriend seems to enjoy the whole thing as well :)

- S (anon from before)

Hypnoslave c said...

shahar its great to hear from you and to know we aren't the only ones exploring this area of 'kink'. I have been working of a way of getting K under for a long long time (even D didnt know for fear he would let it slip) and it has been extremely difficult but i managed to get him to forget a few numbers but not much else, he pushes himself forward so i cant get far enough to go further maybe i will make a blog about it.

Shahar said...

I have been close to going under myself, and I have also tried going under using audio recordings, and actually one of the best way to go under for somone who keeps track of an induction (such as somone who knows hypnosis) is to repeat it untill it looses it's meaning... meaning either do a long induction, then do a short induction bringing the subject out of hypnosis and back under repeatedly untill they seem deeper... or simply have them go on an infinite loop of some sort (I suggest an mp3 player and a simple pre-recorded set of commands, long enough so the beginning fades from memory by the end, and short enough so you know it's repeating)

anyways that's just a suggestion/ idea

what kind of inductions have you tried, in one of my favorite inductions I was walking down the street and I set a goal for (lets call her N) to go deeper as she took each step, and be completely under by the time she reached the end of the street... and it worked very well :)

I am working on a waking focus induction too, where N focuses on something more and more but does not get tired / relaxed, instead the opposite happens and she starts focusing harder and harder untill her concious mind is too busy.

just some ideas :)

HypnoMaster D said...

Shahar, those are great ideas. I have a hypnotherapy CD that I keep intending to try. I'll let you know how it goes.

As far as inductions, I am not very imaginative. For first inductions I use a relax-and-focus routine, very common. And then I set a re-induction trigger, a word that will bring her back to trance instantly. After that, I usually just use the trigger word if I want to speak with her subconscious. (The rest of the time, I skip trance entirely and just use posthypnotic suggestions to guide her waking sensations and behavior.)

shadow said...

I don't know if this will get read but on the off chance it will..

D, I'd just like to say first off, that your knowledge of hypnosis is absolutely no barrier, in fact based on some of my reading it may make you a better subject.

I don't know if you've studied NLP, but there are three primary information systems, visual, auditory and kinesthetic. Saying that you're not very imaginative implies that you have a difficult time constructing visual images, but what about the other two? Do you have a lot of internal dialogue, or do you have a lot of feelings? That would give you a starting point, script an induction that starts off with the system you are most used to using, and then 'overlap' into the others.

For example, if you are very kinesthetic, you can start off feeling the bark of a tree under your hand, then you can add in the sounds of the forest, the sound of birds calling, leaves rustling in the breeze, finally add in the visuals and see the bark under your hand and take a step back and look up at the tree...

If your conscious mind is overly analytical, an 'overload' induction would be perfect for you, or a pattern interrupt.

I know it's been more than a year since the last post on this topic, so I don't know if you've experienced your own trance yet, if not I hope this is of some help. One final idea, put c or e into trance and have them zap you, I've heard it's quite difficult to resist being hypnotised by someone who is already in trance.