Monday, July 23, 2007

Preventing Pleasure

The deeper i go on this journey the more i am compelled to write here and update you of my 'progress' on this road. This journey hasn't always been easy....there have been times where i have been scared, insanely jealous and worried that i was going to be forgotten as K and D utilised Megan more to influence surprise visits by D, changing personalities and a newly decorated house (my bedroom changes colour depending on my mood) are the norm.

Recently K has been testing how hypnosis can be used to prevent pleasure no matter how excited i get. If i had my own way i would spend my entire life in orgasmic bliss. The release that i feel when i am squirting or just cumming extremely hard is incomparable to any other feeling. K knows how much i crave this release and how i am willing to do practically anything to obtain it.

1 week ago during one of our extended Saturday morning sessions he commanded me to cum. I have been well trained and this should have been so easy and i was so hot for it but i just couldn't!! No matter how hard i tried i got to the very edge of orgasm and then my entire body went numb and all the build up disappeared! K kept up his command to have me orgasm and just smiled at me as i got more and more frustrated as i tried to get myself off!

It carried on like this until Friday, with D adding to the lack of cumming ability by equating my pussy to a vase...not the best post hypnotic illusion but the appearance of flowers was quite amazing none the less. I have had the most frustrating week ever, so eager have i been for that release but even though i have been played with all week it just hasn't happened.

On Friday however K whispered the words "you can cum now" and the orgasm was the best i have ever experienced, at least what i remember of it...the cum i had squirted on the mirror though was a sure sign that i enjoyed myself!


Semega said...

So have you been conditioned also to cum on command? If so how long did it take?
It's always great to hear from you and your prospective. Your lines about being scared jealous and worried, jumped out at me, is this due to the hypnosis, or just the relationship dynamic? Has hypno helped or added to some of the anxiety?
I must admit that Orgasm Denial is a particular favorite power dynamic of mine and applying it hypnotically versus the trouble of expensive non-practical chastity belts seems very effective!

Hypnoslave c said...

I have been cumming on command for as long as i can remember, its something i was always able to do. Hypnosis un-nerved me when i discovered i had this other person inside me and the fact that i had never willingly been with another man and now K had this new person to add to our relationship scared me. Now i embrace it as hypno has helped increase the magic between us...nothing is impossible anymore!

Marc said...

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all the best