Monday, May 21, 2007

Trying Too Hard?

Today's installment falls into the category of: They're not always as impressed with your powers as you are.
c was in the kitchen a few days ago, making a sandwich. She glanced over to the tray where she keeps the silverware, and "they were all kind of shaking."
She thought, "Right ... OK..." and went back to buttering her bread.
Suddenly the butter knife flew out of her hand and stuck to her chest. Then all the knives, forks and spoons were flying at her, and clanging together against her breasts.
That's right. Magnetic nipples.
She spent about 10 minutes decorated that way before the cutlery all returned to its senses.
I was pretty proud of that idea, frankly.
Her response? "It was impressive, but I didn't find it arousing."
OK, OK, how about this one then?
c was looking at some hypno site listings on Google and noticed how many of them were about forced feminization.
"I'm going to go now, and read about feminization," she said.
"Not yet. Hang on," I said. The phrase "forced masculinization" came to mind.
"Have you ever had a cock?"
"For the next 10 seconds, you have a cock."
All I heard from her end were faint gasps, and "nooo" and "I'm scared."
Then her normal voice returned.
"It's wasn't very big," she said. "K's is bigger."
I give up. Back to the drawing board.

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Anonymous said...

K's is made me laugh so hard