Friday, May 25, 2007

Sensation Seeker

Eventually you learn how to wow them.

After leaving c somewhat underwhelmed by her experience with the silverware tray, I made a point of asking her what sort of waking illusion she'd really enjoy.

A rollercoaster, she said. There's one at a Six Flags resort -- she'd watched an online demo that particularly impressed her -- that she'd really like to ride someday.

I asked her to describe the ride in some detail. Something about lying down flat and spinning upside down, but I didn't pay much attention. I figured Megan her subconscious was taking notes.

OK, I said, maybe I can arrange something sometime.

Then I told her to forget that we'd talked about it. "Talked about what?" she said. Damn, that Megan is good.

Days passed, and c and I kept missing opportunities to connect again. I teased her a couple of times by saying that I had something special for her, that would take just a couple of minutes.

Finally yesterday she texted me to say she had a few minutes free. I wasn't near the computer, so I just phoned her.

I understand you're fond of Six Flags rollercoasters, I said, to give Megan a chance to cue it up. "Whaaat? How do you know that?" c said. Never mind, I said. You're going for a ride. Now.

"Whooooooah," c said. And "good thing I really like spinning around" and "Usually I close my eyes at this point, but I don't want to" and "whooooah" several times and "shhhhhhh" like she was shouting through clenched teeth and "I think I'm going to be sick." A few seconds later the ride ended, probably to avoid an accident.

"That was great!" c kept saying. "I loved it!"

Today's bottom line: Do your market research.

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