Saturday, May 19, 2007

You Are Not Alone

From the absence of "hypnosis" on most of those BDSM checklists, you might get the idea that your kink is strange and unusual, something that no one else shares or understands.

Well, I think I can reassure you that that is not the case.

Here is a sampling of the search terms that people have typed into Google, just this month, on their path to finding this site.

Is your deviance on this list?

hypnosis script bdsm
hypnotized to obey
hypnosis bondage
bladder clit wet myself orgasm
hypnotic humiliation
hypnotically compelled masturbation
hypnotist cock hypnotize
hypnosis masturbation
hypnoslave model
christmas present bondage mummification
play with her peehole
fully relaxed orgasm needle nipples
male hypnoslave
i want to be your hypnoslave my mistresses
"my life as a dog" bdsm
how to install a fetish in someone + hypnosis
your peehole is mine now mistress
hypnosis orgasm command
bladder clit "wet myself"
posthypnotic cum on command
peehole play
hypno dommes
kapow orgasm hypno
exhibitionism humiliation
hypno robot doll sexy girl
hypnotic command word orgasm bdsm
hypnotic transformations
hypno bondage
her peehole
humiliation cumming public
pierced my labia
orgasm on command techniques
hypnosis to change taste of cum
change taste of cum hypnosis
hypnosis humiliation
hypnotize for bed pee
hypnosis hypnotized sub trance
male masturbation ideas/techniques
mind control hypnosis pee

Yes, you're seriously twisted. I love it.

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