Friday, November 2, 2007

Orgasms on Command

Nothing says "I own your mind" like orgasms on command.

Hypnoslave c is a prime example, of course. She's learned to live with the constant awareness that she could be swept off her feet pretty much anytime, anywhere.

Inspired by her example, I've introduced several subs to this command when I've hypnotized them over the telephone. Let me tell you a little more about how it's done.

First, include it in the discussion long before your first induction. Let the conscious and subconscious know this is a possibiilty. Don't overpromise, but this step actually seems to promote success.

Second, don't rush it. When I first put someone into a trance, I introduce myself to her subconscious and have a fairly long conversation about the possibilities. (Sometimes the conversation begins with a puzzled, quiet voice saying, "Who are you??") Remember that the subconscious has probably never been asked to do what you're asking.

Third, start with some easy tasks. Even with the most promising-sounding subconscious, I will usually only assign a re-induction trigger word, and ask her to help in a few minutes with a basic "convincer" demonstration, like making her forget the number 6.

Fourth, after a few sessions, when you do have the sub convinced that hypnosis really is working, and the subconscious learning to take more control, be really aware of how she has orgasms already. If they're not so common, or her "recharge" time is long, be patient.

I like to work up to it without announcing my plans. My first goal is to get her used to asking permission to orgasm, with some voice trigger from me.My second is get her to have an orgasm without touching herself. (Really strong hypnotically induced sensations will usually do it.) Then you can seize on that opportunity.

For instance, I was hypnotically pinching a sub's breasts and slapping her pussy. She was moaning. I cranked up the intensity, asked her if she wanted to orgasm, and then gave her permission. She came loudly, to her great surprise. She hadn't touched herself.

OK, I said. Now I want you to experience that same orgasm again, when I count to 10. I counted to 10, she came. Now, when I count to 8. .... Now, when I count to 6. And so on. In rapid order she had her orgasm response time down to basically zero.

She's now the happy owner of an orgasm command trigger.

Of course it doesn't work with every subject, and for those all I can say is: But think of the fun you've had trying.

And sometimes it works too well: One subconscious I spoke with was very enthusiastic, very powerful, but not very attentive. Right after the first induction I woke up the conscious subject and administered the 'count to 10' test. When she got to six, she called it out extra loudly. My heart fell for a moment. But then came the unmistakable sounds of a powerful orgasm, as she attempted to squeak out the rest of the numbers.

Oh well. Works for me.


thisgirl said...

It works for us too, i've gone from being someone who hardly orgasmed at all to being at his mercy when it comes to it : ) xx

HypnoMaster D said...

Hi thisgirl,

That sounds like fun. Care to share any stories?


Semega said...

Can the orgasms be distinguished from a regular orgasm? There can be different levels...

On another note...
The splitting, or shall we call it the recognition of the subconscious, the identifying it and having it call itself a name. You've now done this with a few people and it's been going on for a little while, I'm curious how the long term effects of this recognition of the subconscious is going? Do any of you notice a change? See something different, different reactions? You all seem responsible enough that if you noticed any harm from this, that the practice would be stopped, but I guess I'll just ask the question!

HypnoMaster D said...

Hi Semega,
Well, I gave someone an orgasm the other day, and she said it was a great "clench" orgasm, but what about the "other two kinds," anal orgasms and screaming orgasms. So I told her I was giving her one of each of those as well. She sounded happy, after she regained her breath. There seem to be an awful lot of types of orgasm out there...

As for your second question, you always seem to hit the tricky questions on the head, don't you? I've now worked with several pairs of subconscious and conscious, and the variety of relationships is really complex. I am not sure that every one has gone well -- although Megan usually leaps to my defense whenever I share my insecurities about this. It's worth a long post of its own, and I just need to figure out what I want to say. There's something novel going on here that a few of us are lucky enough to have discovered.