Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Adventures Continue

There's also been entirely too little news about hypnoslave c lately. Blame our modern, busy lives.

I spoke with c yesterday; she asked me to make sure everyone knows: Her adventures are continuing.

Humiliation. The public orgasms have not abated. She usually has no idea what triggers them, but they occur especially often when she's buying groceries. Her husband K likes to linger nearby to watch the fun. And he's told shocked passers-by: "She just really likes shopping!"

Needles. She can barely bring herself to even talk about needles. But with some help from hypnotic suggestion, K was able to run a few needles through her nipples, and a few more through her labia. And she didn't feel a thing. After clenching her eyes shut when she realized what was about to happen, she in fact opened them long enough to watch the deed done.

Wax. K had half a dozen big colored candles, which he spent a long time melting over her body. Most of it puddled and hardened across her breasts, on her pussy, and in her ass. The result was a rainbow of colors. To make it interesting, he kept c from feeling any of it while the art project progressed. And then to make it even more interesting, when the coating was done, he let her feel all the saved-up sensations, all at once. Afterward he scraped it all off, melted it back together, and made a new candle that presently sits on their bedside table.

Lara Croft. She's getting new opportunities to be convinced that she is Lara Croft. As near as she can work out, the rule is: When she's driving, she turns into Lara whenever the radio happens to play a song by Britney. And just to top it off, a nude Britney appears in the passenger seat beside her.

Megan. And for those of you who've been following the developing relationship between c and her powerful subconscious, Megan, the news is excellent. They're getting along very well, both of them reminding me at times that they're the same mind in the same body. When Megan wants to chat with me, for instance, she has a way of telling c ... and c now has a way of sliding herself out of the way to let that happen. "Megan's cool," is c's analysis.

I swear; they are an inspiration to us all.

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Awesome hope to hear more soon!