Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Try This 3

Here's a script for fun and amusement, especially designed for use over the telephone.

All you need is a sub whose posthypnotic abilities include "freezing", verbal control of pain levels, and the ability to orgasm on command.

It also helps if she craves pain; the scene will last longer.


"Pinch your nipples. Hold your fingers there. Don't squeeze any harder, just leave them like that.

"Now as you count slowly out loud, from 1 to whatever, the pain in your nipples will rise accordingly.

"Say "1" ... now say "2" ... now say "3".

"See how it works?

"OK, a couple of things I forgot to mention.

"Your fingers are stuck there. You can't remove them.

"And you must keep counting, until you orgasm.

"Go ahead. I want to hear you count."

1 comment:

Mirehn said...

Oh that's just HARSH. Fun though...