Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Make it so

"Subconscious, say hello."

That's the first thing I say after a subject has gone into trance.

And it's the first step in my approach to hypnotic control, a simple model that is easy on me, easy on the subconscious, and powerful as hell for the subject. It's easy to learn, too.

It probably has a fancy name in the world of hypnotherapy, but I just call it the global suggestion. It lets me manage the person's mind, whatever my whims, for as long as we work together, without need to ever trance again.

I recommend that other hypnotists give it a try and let me know their results.

Here's how I explain it to my subjects beforehand.

Every hypnotist does things a little differently. Me, I do not see the appeal of stage hypnosis, where you spend most of the time in a trance, and wake up to find your friends pointing at you and laughing. I prefer to keep the trance time to a minimum, and for you to experience all the fun "effects" when you are awake and alert and can appreciate them.

My method requires just a short conversation with your subconscious. Your subconscious is always watching you, helping you, nudging you, protecting you. She's powerful, but what she really craves are simple instructions to follow. Hypnosis is just a way to help your conscious mind drift for a bit, leaving your subconscious alert and open to my suggestions. When you are awake again, you find that my words control your sensations, body and behavior.

The instructions I give your subconscious are simple: "When I tell your conscious self to feel something, make it so. When I tell your conscious self to do something, make it so."

And that's it.

After my subject is awake again, I show her how it works, with a few arousing examples. I tell her that her breasts are warm, her nipples hard. And they are. I add more intense sensations. They become true too. The subconscious is keeping up with me. 

No lists of trigger phrases for me and the subconscious to memorize. No hand signals.

As things come up, I can adapt in a moment. If her legs need to be pulled apart, I say so. If she needs to feel relaxing thumbs running down her spine, presto. Depending on how adept she is at experiencing my effects, I can push them farther and farther, pursuing the edges.

That's why it's a global suggestion: Whatever my whims, make them so.

There are all sorts of advantages. I can send suggestions by any convenient method. I can add elaborate conditional terms: If she wakes up before 7, then ... If anyone interrupts you, then ...

It also adds a solid sense of control to our relationship, because I don't need any of the trappings of hypnosis to get in the way.

All I need is a response to the original instruction:

"Subconscious, say hello."


DTWDOM said...

This sounds intriguing, but I am curious about how often the "global suggestion" would need to be reinforced - e.g., would it need to be invoked at the start of a day to last throughout the day?...is it more "ongoing" than that? e.g. multiple days, etc. Please clarify

HellFaust84 said...

I am still new at hypnosis and I am still learning how to hypnotize my slave. I have the basics down and I can get her into a light trance. The problem is that I can't seem to get her any deeper than that. The 'global command' would be very useful and I want to use it. I just need to know how to get her to a point that I can use it.

Asudem Latex said...

i hope your both well. i'm constantly refering people you whats possible list i published. i'd love to hear how its all progressed since then.

drop me an email as i can't find your address


Alex Greene said...

It works. I just got the attention of her unconscious through a standard induction, and implanted a suggestion for her to call me as soon as possible.

When she did, it was 24 hours later. I instructed her unconscious to give her an orgasm there and then. I've left her a pleasant little time bomb - a flashback orgasm tonight, when she retires to bed.

Alex Greene said...

I still need to work on the global command. I wonder now about getting it to work in an audio file, with the commands inserted in between casual spoken passages.