Thursday, April 28, 2011

Way too much fun

When a blog goes silent for a few months, there are a couple of possibilities. Either the blogger ran out of news to report, or ran out of time to report it all. Thankfully in this case it's the latter explanation.  Adventures abound.  I'm hoping to get an adventuress or two to write them up. 
Meanwhile, I am pleased to report that this weekend I will be presenting a demonstration of my favorite mind control method, the global suggestion, at an erotic hypnosis conference in Connecticut.   Considering that my demonstration subject and I have never met, or even spoken before, this will be exciting. 
I promise a report on the proceedings. 


Alex Greene said...

Good luck. The global suggestion method works beautifully, as I can attest from my experiences using it.

Anonymous said...

Your literary adventuress awaits Sir ;)

Linda Marie Daniels said...

I miss your posts. I hope you're enjoying yourself so much you just haven't had time for this blog. I also hope you will have time in the future.

All the best.