Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Pain in flight

Hi all,

It has been far too long since i updated my adventures and i just wanted to let you know that i'm still exploring new areas with K and D. K has been creative as of late and has come up with a new idea for my away time....

I can FLY! I know sounds really odd but i now can soar above the sky and have flown over various landmarks and spent a long time sitting on top of Buckingham Palace the other day! In real time I'm not sure how long it lasted but complete freedom is something i have always desired and flying certainly makes me feel free.

Also this past weekend i managed to have my entire body covered in clothes pegs and never felt a thing. Honestly, i even watched K attach some of them and i was pegged from head to foot and i felt as though i was just lying there for a rest, no numbness or pinching just chilled while he covered me from head to toe. At first i believed it was illusion especially as i didn't feel anything even as i watched him remove them but the marks that appeared on my skin the next morning proved that it actually happened! Luckily they were gone after a few hours!

Any suggestions of things K, D or myself should try?

(PS: D thank you for the surprise!!)


Spectre said...

> Any suggestions of things K, D or myself should try?

This is of course something you should never ever ask on teh internets. Well, too late ;)

Of course I don't know how strong your bratty side is, but if you enjoy playing with the guilty feeling of doing something forbidden, you might find this a fun foreplay.

One fine evening you'll feel incredibly horny. There is nothing you'd rather do than to rip off D's clothes and feel him inside.
However as luck has it, D is busy or just "not in the mood" for some strange reason.
Feeling you can't contain your desire any longer you decide to sneak off into the bedroom and have some fun with yourself instead. You may feel a little guilty of this and would rather not like D to notice you're having fun without him. So you'll try your best to keep quiet.
You get yourself all nice and comfy and strip naked, just leaving your slip on - you will not wonder why you are wearing your most sexy piece of lingerie - and start stroking yourself.
First, everything will seem fine. However, after you build yourself up somewhat, a mean posthypnotic suggestion kicks in, D gave you earlier.

Here are some ideas what it could do:


Once you built yourself up, you go blank, put your hands somewhere else, wake up - and you'll have forgotten how you can pleasure yourself. You'll still feel as horny and needy as before and you know that you have to treat some part of your body to get relief. But you won't remember for the world which part of your body it was or what to do with it.

Only after you "cooled down" a bit again, you will remember. And again only until you've built yourself up.

You'll find yourself stuck in this loop, until you get up and confess to D, asking himto show you again "how it's done".


Another idea: (Only to be done if no neighbours or other people are around)

As you're nearing the edge of orgasm, you suddenly discover that you can't go any further, that, regardless of how much you stroke, you can't come. However, with each stroke you blurt out a loud, passionate moan, as if you just orgasmed. You try to keep quiet, so D doesn't hear you but you find you can't hold back the moaning. Regardless of how much you try, the pleasure from your pussy will wander up your hips and belly and press your lungs together, forcing the moan out of your mouth. (Between two strokes, you of course will breathe in again)

You'll also find that your legs have become so heavy you can't get up and your craving for release is so strong you can't stop.
So all you can do is lieing there, moaning, until D finds you and releases you.

Please let me apologize if you find those suggestions "wrong" or if they are just not your thing. Just ignore them then.
However, if I should have ringed a bell, I'd of course be glad, I could help.

In any way, keep up the good things,

Wompa said...

Here's a fun suggestion that could make EVERYBODY happy.

In some following post, open up comments and ask for various scenarios to be described. Have D plant a suggestion that each and every scenario you read, you will experience all of the sensations that are described, from arousal, to pain, to multiple orgasms. It will only last through your read, so no lasting effects.

After you finish each scenario, you'll write a description of your experience.

I'll have a FEW entries!

Wompa said...

I like some of spectre's ideas too, but here are two more to add to his:

3. As you begin stroking, you'll gradually come to realize that your pleasure doesn't diminish. Even after you stop stroking, you'll stay hovering at the same level of arousal. The closer you come to orgasm, the more desperate you'll find yourself for release, but the climax will always be just beyond your reach, although. The stimulation will not abate, however, until D or K grant you release. This should also work the same for them, if they build you up, and then leave you hanging, twitching, moaning and dripping, for however long they want. You won't be tied to the bed. You can move along your daily life, but you'll be balanced on that precipice of final release. In fact, I suggest K and D send you on some chores like that. :)

4. After having an orgasm, you will gradually forget it. You'll remember the arousal and the building pleasure, but you'll forget you had a release. I'd love to see the effect of this over multiple days. You'll know your orgasming, but for the life of you you won't remember what they feel like. You'll find yourself feeling the effects of long term denial, but K and D won't feel like you're being deprived at all!

Just some ideas...

Hypnoslave c said...

Those ideas sound fun and i know K has already looked at them so i am eager to see which one he chooses i personally hope i will experience all of these!!