Friday, August 22, 2008

Helping c experience new things!

Hi all, megan here your friendly subconscious of c. K has requested that i post something on this blog to assist a hypno effect that was suggested to him by wompa in the previous blog. Wompa suggested that we get you guys to add comments on things you would like c to experience and i would work to ensure that she experiences it as she reads the comments
(and then the effect/scene ends when she has finished the experience). Thing is as soon as she reads this post she will forget it's content but will remember the comments exist so she will come back and check regularly.

So some info you need before you suggest your ideas...c is pretty much limitless and enjoys pretty much everything so do not think she will not enjoy your comment because chances are she will love it. Stretch your imagination (i like a challenge) c has a very experienced master in K so any experiences that are new to her she will enjoy all the more. Make it dirty, kinky, erotic or whatever floats your boat.

I'm sure she will enjoy it, in fact, I'll make sure she does.


HypnoStudent said...

You are now going to experience being a dolly. Mindless. A Toy.

You slowly begin to feel a transformation that will take around 2 minutes. You'll be aroused and pleased by the transformation that's taking place as you've wanted this to happen to you for a long time.. The skin around your toes will slowly begin turn to plastic, the sensation crawls up your legs, engulfing your calf on each leg, round the knees up to the thighs and round your waist. As your legs engulf in plastic you will find a comfortable sitting position, one that still supports you. The sensation continues over your genitals. Your waist, abdomen and torso are now completely engulfed in plastic, not just engulfed, but made of plastic. Your shoulders now begin to transform, down your arms which form a comfortable doll-like pose, unable to move your fingers which extend and spread slightly, and then transform. Your neck begins to turn to plastic, and slowly your chin, cheeks, ears, nose, lips, forehead and scalp. You now have dolly hair, that hair that feels like very fine nylon fishing wire, curly, perfectly jet black. You continue to be aroused by the transformation until it is complete, at which point all feelings will stop.

You are now a COMPLETE dolly for 5 minutes, unable to do anything unless an emergency situation arises in which case you will become alert and able to deal with anything that happens.

For 5 minutes you will sit there, bound by this new body of yours, no feelings, no touch, no smell, no sounds. You will feel that this is totally natural. You now feel thoughts drifting away from your mind. gradually thoughts of friends, work, school, home, the internet, television, all disappear. In reality, they are held in check by your subconscious, safe and sound until you come out of this state.

After 5 minutes your senses will begin to return, and shortly after that you body begins to morph back to normal flesh and bone, and all thoughts and memories return to your once calm, empty mind.

However, you will find that you are shackled to your seat. Thick 3 inch wide leather straps are tightly fastened on your ankles. Chains are joined to these leather straps and fixed to your chair. The chains are long enough to allow you to move your legs, but not enough to leave the room. As you move your legs you can feel the chains dragging, and hear the chinking of the links. You have similar, smaller 2 inch leather straps on your wrists. They are also fastened to chains. which in turn are fastened to the chains on your legs. You can move your hands only about 3 inches apart. The Chains on your ankles only let your feet move about 6 inches at a time. You are aroused by this thought. You like being chained to the chair.

After a further 10 minutes the chains will disappear, and the straps will fall away after 1 hour, and you'll be slightly disappointed.

Anonymous said...

As you read this you will forget where you are. You will not recognize the room that you are in. The doorway out of the room will appear to you as a locked cell door. The room you are sitting in while you read this will become an unfamiliar prison to you. You will have no idea where you are and will not recognize anyone that may be around you. You will be afraid. You will worry about how you will get out out of this prison? You will worry who might come into your cell and what will they do to you? You feel completely vulnerable and alone and helpless to get out of this strange place. You will sit still for 5 minutes worrying and being afraid of what might happen to you. The only way for you to escape this unknown prison is to orgasm 3 times. After the first 5 minutes, you must find a way get past the anxiety and fear enough to arouse yourself and have 3 orgasm. After your 3rd orgasm, you will become completely aware of where you are and recognize everything and everyone and the doorway to the room will be completely accessible. Until you orgasm the 3rd time, you will be stuck in this scary, strange unknown prison unless some emergency occurs. If an emergency occurs, you will become completely free just as you would after your 3rd orgasm. Only you can free yourself from this nightmare by orgasming 3 consecutive times. The length of you stay in this unknown, scary place depends totally on you.

Wompa said...
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Wompa said...

Megan, thanks for making this happen. :)

I'm giving you a magic number. When you read the magic number, it will tell you exactly how close to climax you are. If the magic number is 0, then there's no effect on you, and you should expect an immediate orgasm if the magic number is 10. The magic number looks like this:

** 0.0 **

Now what you don't konw is that I've doused your clothes in a potent mixture of rare chemicals. There are compounds that will make your skin extremely sensitive, oils that will arouse you, and concoctions which will magnify every
pleasuerable sensation. I've been extremely careful with this mixture of mine, because it is so potent. I have systematically soaked each item of your clothing in it, and then replaced it exactly where I found it. Even now, your entire body is swimming in a concentrated dose of this topical drug. I call it, "slutjuice". Go ahead, pull the fabric of your shirt to your nose. Inhale deeply. You won't smell anything, but you'll have inhaled the vapors deep into your body, and it will quickly enter your bloodstream to arouse you.

** 1.0 **
Pay attention to how your clit feels now. The saturated material of your panties pressing against your pussy. As you read my story, you won't be allowed to touch yourself, but your clothes, the chair, even the subtle wind currents in the room will all tease you with ever-greater power, until you are moaning and begging to cum. But you won't be able to cum. In fact, you don't remember having an orgasm in weeks, months. You've been aroused, and left on the brink many times, but it's been so long since you've had an orgasm, you're ready for one, begging for one. But you won't be able to cum until your magic number is high enough.

** 2.0 **
You're sitting on a bus, alone. Across the aisle is a teenaged girl, looking bored and restless. She pulls out a small round red lollipop. Because I want to make you squirm, you're going to feel everything she does to this lolipop right in your clit. Her lips are shiny, wet, with her teenaged lip gloss. Now that you know what is going to happen to you in this very public place, you watch her with fear. She gently slides it across her lips, still dry, and you feel the tickle/itch of soft skin caressing your button. She sniffs, and smiles. And then she pushes it against her soft lips aYou can feel the wet nd into her mouth.

** 4.0 **
You can feel the soft, wet suction tugging at your clit between your thighs. You intensely watch her suck on the lolipop. She twirls the stick, twisting the candy in her mouth. You feel the sensations around your clit spin at a crazy speed. Slowly she pulls the candy forward, until you see a peek of red, then it's halfway out, and then she's sucking it back into her mouth with a force that pulls the stick through her fingers. You stifle a moan, but you can't keep it completely silent. She doesn't notice though. She pulls the lolipop from her mouth, and you stare at it, transfixed. It's red and shiny; wet from being in her mouth. Again, she brings it closer to her mouth, but this time her tongue sneaks out and flicks once, hard, against the lolipop.

** 5.0 **
And now her tongue starts flicking very fast. She giggles, and glances around to see if anyone is watching her girlish behavior. She locks eyes with you, staring back at her. She misinterprets the intense, horrified look on your face: she thinks you're horrified at her immature actions. You quickly look away, the heels of your hands pressing into your lap. You stare at your knees, not knowing what to expect next, but feeling the soft warmth of the lolipop which has found it's way back into her mouth. But something is different this time. You can feel your clit just getting hotter, your pussy getting more and more wet, but the stimulation is different. The rhythmic pulling is gone. She's not sucking on the lolipop. She just has it in her mouth, against her tongue. You look up at her. She is staring at you, and her eyes are narrowed. She's annoyed that you would judge her. With a look of defiance on her face, she leans forward suddenly, eyes wide and locked on yours, and in a show of contempt, opens her mouth slightly and sucks hard, wet and loud, as if to mock you.

** 6.0 **
** 7.0 **
You grunt and moan, your back arching, and your thighs squeezing tightly. You simply can't help it. As your body slowly relaxes, you look up at her. She's openly staring at you, wondering what that was all about. Then she looks at the lolipop, then back at you. She tentatively licks the candy, and your body jerks in response. She smiles faintly, and a look of mischief crosses her face. She extends her tongue and SLOWLY being circling the lolipop.

** 8.0 **
Your reaction is obvious, and she knows exactly what she's doing to you. You're breathing heavily, squirming constantly, and she refuses to stop. Indeed, the circles are slowly increasing in speed. The sensations on your clit are intense, wet, and among the most pleasurable that you've ever felt.

** 9.0 **
Your hips are grinding as this teenager teases your body from afar. She stops her circles, and returns to her ultra fast tongue flicking ** 9.5 ** but only for a moment. Immediately, she goes back to her slow circles. ** 9.0 ** Now she brings the candy closer, letting her wet lips slide against it as well, kissing it, every once in a while, a noisy slurp as she sucks against it. You bite your lip as she slides the entire pop into her mouth. She let's go of the stick, and you watch it as it bobs up and down at a furious pace, victim of her talented tongue. ** 9.5 ** The handle slows slightly, and beings moving in wide circles, as she smiles evilly at you. Your pussy is spasming, getting so close to your orgasm... ** 9.8 ** but she slows down just enough to make you get closer ** 9.9 ** and closer to orgasm. She pulls out the candy and is very careful to slowly run it across her lips. ** 9.95 ** "You want a lick?" she asks, suddenly innocent. She blows across the candy ball. ** 9.99 ** "Nah, I like my candy," she says, and fastest lolipop blowjob you've ever seen. ** 10.0 ** She drives the candy in and out of her mouth, her wet lips forming a perfect tiny O. The candy is a blur, but you see her tongue begin to caress the bottom of the candy as well. ** 11.0 ** Finally, she slows down ** 7.0 ** just licking the lolipop as if it were a normal candy again. ** 4.0 ** You can still feel the sensations, but now I'll let them die down and we'll draw this story to a close. ** 0.0 **

I like this trigger. I hope you did too. If Megan lets me, I'll use it again in the future, for a surprise every now and then. :)

Megan Behind said...

Just a quick comment to let you know c is really enjoying this page she is visiting often!!! Keep up the ideas, i will push her to blog feedback at some point!

Wompa said...

This one will take a while, so make sure you've got the time.

I have to say, I'm tempted to instruct you to call my number while you read this entry so I can just listen to you react. :)

Ok, remember your magic number?

Here's another story that I'm sure you'll enjoy. I want you to experience everything I type. Enjoy your role:

** 0.0 **
You don't know what it is I have planned, but it's put an evil little twinkle in my eyes. The day progressed normally, except for the fact that you know I've got something planned. Early on, you tried to ignore it, knowing that I wouldn't answer you. I would have told you if I'd wanted you to know. That attitude took you through the morning. By midday, you'd given up trying to ignore it. You finally broke down and demanded that I tell you what it was, "or else." My reply was to trail a finger lightly down your face, walk to the bedroom, and take a nap. Infuriating. I even had a mischievous little smirk on my face while I slept, and it was starting to drive you crazy.

When night fell, I shoved you out of the kitchen, much to your surprise, and proceeded to cook quite the meal. Even taking the time to light candles, as we ate, you smiling at my romantic side, and me... still smirking that damn little smirk. So it WASN'T this candle-lit dinner that was your surprise. You finally begin to beg, thinking that's what I want. I tell you to finish your rice.

We sit at the table, sipping our cabernet, you trying again to ignore your need to know, and me watching your eyes, enjoying the conflict. I put my empty glass down, eyes still trained on yours, and say simply, "Bedroom." Your eyes widen as you pause in mid sip. Your hand nearly trembles as you put the glass down, rise from your seat, and walk-scurry-skip to the bed, gradually becoming overcome with excitement at finally finding out what I have planned.

Oh, you poor misguided little girl.

** 0.5 **
You flop yourself onto the bed, and make a reasonable attempt at looking calm and sensual. Ironically, your failure at calm is more exciting to me than a perfectly scripted seduction. I stand before you at the foot of the bed, and reach down between the footboard and mattress to pull up the two hidden ankle-cuffs. Again, those pretty eyes go wide.

** 1.0 **
"Oh no, no teasing? Not tonight, please?" you plead. It's no act. Your body has been on edge for the entire week. Every time I touch you, anywhere, your nipples tighten, and like an eager little puppy, you're ready to be taken, rubbing your body against me, hoping that this night will be the night I take you to heaven and back.

I say nothing, and simply cradle your right foot in one hand, slipping the cuff over it, past the heel, and drawing the strap close it tightly around you. I concentrate on the task before me, securing your left foot as well, ignoring the sincere pout that's formed on your face. I pull another strap to force your feet farther apart, closer to each corner of the bed.

The cuffs are comfortable, yet unyielding. The straps are strong. I made the mistake once of underestimating your body's frustrated thrashing. You still remember the look on the bondage shopkeeper's face when I made you tell him what happened. The memory colors your cheeks. I made you share every detail of that little session with him. Now we use kevlar.

I walk around to stand by your head, on your left. I look down at you with love in my eyes. I reach down, taking each of your wrists, and loop a single cuff around them, pulling the strap slowly, never taking my eyes off of yours. The second strap is pulled, and your arms are forced tightly above your head. Your body is now my playground. I can explore every part of you, and there is absolutely nothing you can do to stop me. Your intimately vulnerable position is sending frantic signals to your brain. Fortunately for us, your brain is translating your fear into a wet burning heat between your legs.

I start by slowly sliding my fingers up your right leg, starting from your ankle, trailing my fingertips along your shin, and over your knee. My fingers now rest under the hem of your dress, and my hand slows. I slide your dress up your thigh, gradually exposing more and more of your body to me. The sensation of my fingertips on your thigh is electric. You're entire body feels sensitive tonight. My other hand joins the first, and I begin to lightly massage your thigh. oh this is going to take far too long, you think to yourself.

I switch to your other leg, repeating the same caresses and massage. You're tired of the build-up. You want action. You try to urge me to move to something more interesting by making tiny irritated sounds. I chuckle, and move slower. You bang your head into the bed, once again resigning yourself to wait for me to move at my pace. The pace that sets you on fire; the pace that you love to hate.

** 1.5 **
Higher now, my fingertips go. Your upper thigh, just inches from your hips. Now my fingers are drawing little circles on your skin. I'm close to your pussy now. You start to feel the heat of my body against your bare lips. It almost seems to wake them up. They start to feel softer, thicker. My fingers dance closer now, less than an inch from you. Your heart picks up it's pace. Your'e ready to feel me touch you. Any touch. Something. You realize your legs are straining open, trying to bring your pussy to my fingers. My face dips lower, and you feel my hot breath cascade over your lips. They want to feel me. To feel my fingers caress them, but I merely inch closer, touching the skin adjacent to them, moving it up and around, down and back. It stimulates you, but only with the barest hint of sensations.

** 2.0 **
My thumbs move to, as lightly as possible, slide up your labia. just once. Just enough to send a lightning bold of sensation through your body. You feel your back arch, and you gasp. You've never felt this sensitive in your life. You can feel the air in the room on your skin. You can feel the suddenly rough fabric of your dress against your nipples, which feel like they're about to drill through the material. You can feel every fiber of the bed against your back. And you can feel your pussy start to get wet. Those maddening fingers keep indirectly massaging your lips, and you feel them part, almost suddenly. You feel yourself seem to spread for my touch. And you know that you're melting, your juices running out of you, onto the bed. You don't know how I'm doing it, but you're more horny than you remember ever being. And I've barely touched you.

** 2.5 **
Like a persistent itch that won't go away until scratched, your clit begins to climb it's ladder of sensitivity. You can feel it swelling, getting thicker, heavier, and harder. Oh yes, harder. You swear you can feel it pulling away from your body. My mouth comes close to it. My breath flows directly across it, and it strains to feel me. You feel it throb. The ache in your belly shoots to your toes, and a shiver runs up your back. You want me to touch you there so much, you can actually taste it. Your entire body is straining, and your focus is centered on your clit, that bullet of pleasure, which is being so expertly ramped to a new level of wet need.

** 3.0 **
You imagine my tongue on it, and it throbs again. Your mental image only serves to drive you higher. My mouth is closer. All the muscles in your abdomen are tense, waiting for my lips to close on you aching, throbbing clit.

I stand up.

** 2.0 **
The sudden frustration you feel actually makes you dizzy. You feel as if the bottom of the bed falls away, and strangely, your toes tingle. Your moan of dismay is heart-wrenching. If I were anyone else, I would immediately succumb to it's anguish. But I am an artist, and anguish is my canvas. I reach under the bed, and pull out what must have been the evil suprise. It's a small cloth bag, which I open and pull out a long, thin object. I hold it right up to your face so you can see this instrument of torture. The wooden handle it stopped with what may be the smallest paintbrush you've ever seen. It couldn't be more than a millimeter thick, and no more than 3 long.

"This is sable hair, my love. Some of the softest hair in the world. With this, I will make your body lose what sanity is may have. It will make you want climax. It will make you need to cum. It will make it the focus of your entire life. And then, it will bring you impossibly close to it. And then, it will make you cry. I love you dearly. See you on the other side, my love."

** 2.5 **
The fear in your eyes grows with each word. You begin to shake your head slowly, hoping I'm only joking. Hoping I'll only tease you a bit, to scare you. But no, you see me settle myself between your legs and in front of your pussy; your widespread pussy, of which you've never felt more vulnerable. Your aching clit betrays your body. The fear I've given you makes it strain ever harder toward me.

At first you feel my thumb return to you. It presses against the skin above your clit. The sensation, you realize, is the most intense you've felt this night. I start to move your flesh in a small circle, carrying your clit with it. It feels as though it's an inch thick, and continually throbbing now. My eyes are close to you, scrutinizing you, as my thumb begins to pull upward, exposing your clit even further.

** 3.0 **
You feel it. Like a whisper of feathers, you feel a tickling on your clit. It's not as bad as you feared. You look down, and you realize that you did not feel it. I merely breathed gently on you. I do it again, blowing a very soft stream of air against your clit. Again, the whisper of feathers, only now you realize, it's not meant to tease you. It's simply meant to make you more sensitive. ** 3.5 ** Again, I blow against you, and again, your clit feels a sensual tickle, more intense than before. I'm not blowing harder. Your clit is becoming more and more sensitive. Fear starts to color the sensation, which ironically makes you even more sensitive. Heart pounding, you mentally begin to beg for me to stop. I blow again. The mental begging becomes verbal, "Please no... please stop..."

** 4.0 **
This time, there is no mistake. The tip of the brush draws a sharp, distinct line down the side of your clit. The sound torn from your throat is the hysterical wail of a madwoman. It's worse than anything you imagined. Your clit feels bigger and heavier than ever before. Every muscle in your body tenses. You feel the brush draw another line, this time across your labia. It makes your entire body shake, and you fall against the bed, only to be pulled into a tense knot again as I stroke the other labia.

** 5.0 **
"Are you ready to begin?" I ask. Tears roll down your cheeks. You can't take this. Even on a day that you'd want to be teased, you couldn't take this. I smile. "Good girl."

** 6.0 **
I take the brush and begin painting a slow and continuous circle around your clit. An unearthly moan rises from your throat. A long moan; one that mirrors the motion of the brush. You don't have the air to hold the note, and you gasp, only to pick up where you left off.

** 6.5 **
You feel your orgasm coming. It's slow, but steadily approaching. But like a mirage in the desert, it stays just out of reach. How can you be getting closer and closer, and yet it's still just as far away? ** 7.0 ** Regardless of logic, the sensation continues, It's not teasing or denial. It's just a steady drive for an orgasm. Closer, closer. Tears run down your face, to tickle your ears. Your toes curl. And then uncurl, flexing. ** 7.5 ** You're ready to cum. Ready to be driven through an intense orgasm. Closer, closer.

** 8.0 **
Then I change my technique. I start to stroke the brush slowly left, then right, just above your clit. Slow strokes, but always in motion. The sensation of slowly building to your orgasm changes to that of hurtling toward it at top speed. ** 9.0 ** Closer, closer... You're gasping, screaming. ** 9.5 ** Your body tightens again, ready to explode. ** 9.8 ** Closer... closer... Just a few more strokes, and you'll completely lose your mind in the intensity of this climax. ** 9.9 ** You'll never have another one as strong as this one is about to be. ** 9.9 ** closer... ** 9.9 ** closer... ** 9.9 ** Closer...

It's an illusion. You get closer and closer, but the brush will never give you the climax. The stimulation will not, will never, be enough. ** 9.9 ** The torture becomes crystal clear to your mind, even as your body continues to prepare for the inevitable orgasm. ** 9.9 ** Closer, it cries to you. ** 9.9 ** closer! Almost there!

And then I stop. ** 9.5 ** I sit up and look at you again, a writhing mess of sensation on the bed, crying from frustration, and quivering with need. I reach into the bag and pull out a small vial of red liquid. You watch with unrestrained lust. You've no idea what this little magic bottle is, but your thoughts aren't coherent enough to even wonder. You're again dizzy with need, your thighs flexing. I dip the brush into the red liquid, and settle back to your clit.

I start to again circle your clit. ** 9.6 ** Again, you feel yourself looming before the impossibly intense climax. Again, the sensation of the brush starts to push you into it. ** 9.7 ** Closer, closer. "NO!" your brain screams, trying to stop your body from expecting something that will never happen. Your body joyfully ignores you, chanting closer, closer. ** 9.8 ** Again, your muscles tighten, and you push your clit toward me. ** 9.9 ** It's throbbing with need, pulsing with--

The brush stops. ** 9.5 ** You look at me, and watch me put it down on the bed, although I still hold the vial in my hand. I smile, and suddenly you realize that the brush was not my evil suprise at all. It was that... that liquid. What does it do?? your mind screams at your body. Your body screams back, "Make me cum!" I purse my lips, and blow gently against your clit.

The red ring I've painted around your clit erupts into a thousand tiny feathers, all tickling the base of your clit. ** 9.9 ** You gasp, and are unable to exhale as I continue to blow a steady stream of air against you. Your clit starts to throb, and you can feel pulsing, throbbing, swelling further. ** 9.95 **I pause to take a breath, and you exhale in a scream. Your eyes are wide at this new, impossibly intense sensation. Again, my lips purse, and I pause, looking into your eyes. You shake your head no, and I blow against you again. ** 9.95 ** Your eyes snap shut, and you gasp again, holding your breath, and beating your head against the bed as the ticklish sensations bombard your clit. You're somehow acutely aware that the tip of your clit, the center of its head, has not been touched yet.

That's when you feel me pour a little of the liquid directly onto your clit. Your eyes snap open and you are frozen in fear. I back away from you, unwilling to breathe again against you, waiting for the liquid to take full effect. You can feel your clit tingling. You can feel the air against it. The smallest air currents in the room are actually causing you to giggle, at the tickling your clit is recieving. A very hysterical-looking scene, with you tied to the bed, giggling, with abject fear in your eyes of what's to come next. ** 9.0 **

You feel the tingling in your clit start again. ** 9.1 ** This time, your entire clit is ablaze with this sensation. I bring my mouth forward, and you close your eyes, tightly, waiting for the torturous blast of air.

You feel me closer. ** 9.2 ** Your clit feels the tingling heat of my face, so close.

** 9.3 **
Here it comes.

** 9.4 **
Brace yourself.

I lick. I lick the side of your clit. Just once. ** 9.6 ** The explosion of sensation on your clit leaves you stunned. Your heart actually skips a beat. The pleasure is so intense, it's tangible. You feel it roll through you like an ocean wave. Every muscle in your body tenses automatically. And they stay tensed, waiting for the next one. Again, I lick, only this time, I start circling your clit with my tongue, the same way I used the brush earlier. ** 9.7 ** And the same gutteral moan is ripped from your throat. Finally, you realize that THIS sensation WILL bring you to your orgasm. Racing for it. ** 9.8 ** You can nearly count how far away from it you are. 7 more strokes. ** 9.85 ** Now 6. Now 5. And now my tongue starts to slow down. ** 9.9 ** Now 4. Again, the circle is still complete, but slowing, slowing, slowing down. Now 3. ** 9.95 ** My tongue travels slower and slower, but you're still so close. ** 9.96 ** The sensation is still coming, but only slowly. So close to the edge of orgasm. ** 9.97 ** Now 2. If I don't stop, you'll keep coming for hours and hours. Slower and slower I go. ** 9.98 ** I've done this before to you, and it makes your orgasm seem to last forever. But I've never slowed down quite this much before. Now 1. My tongue slows to a crawl. ** 9.99 ** It stops. Your clit is throbbing against me, and every muscle is ready to snap. I leave my tongue against your clit. You're half a stroke from an absolute transcendental orgasm. I flex my tongue, and your entire body convulses. ** 9.99 ** But not in climax. Just a pre-orgasmic shudder of pleasure. Just once more...

I take my tongue from your body.

I kiss your pussy.

I stand, and put the vial and brush back into the bag.

I walk up to the head of the bed. "If I have a secret for you, it's up to me to tell you. Never, ever threaten me." I kiss your tears. "I wish you didn't make me punish you, my love. Maybe you'll be ready to cum tomorrow."

** 9.99 **

The story is over. For the next 10 minutes, your magic number will remain ** 9.99 **. Every time you try to touch your pussy, your fingers will stop 6 inches away, but if someone else touches your clit, your body will explode in the orgasm that has been building this entire time. You will continue to climax until they stop touching you. If you do not climax within those 10 minutes, your orgasm will simply fade away, leaving you immensely frustrated.

** 9.99 **

*evil grin*

Wompa said...

Orgasm implant.

The keys in your keyboard have been tied to an orgasm implant in your body, right behind your clit. Most of the keys will turn you on. A few of the keys will make you orgasm instantly. But there's one key that makes you unable to have an orgasm, no matter how hot you get from all the other keys.

Now type a response that's no less than 50 words, and good hunting. :)

Anonymous said...

Go get a piece of jewellery and put it on before you come back and continue reading this post.

While this piece of jewellery, your "trigger jewellery" is on you are sensitive to four digit numbers. The first four digit number you see each time you put on the trigger jewellery, that you didn't know about before you put it on (no cheating by writing your own codes), controls your body in the following manner:

The first digit controls how much clothing you can bear to wear. 0 means you must be naked except for your trigger jewellery, 1 is something like a small bikini and perhaps some shoes and so on up to 9 which is several layers of clothing including a heavy coat and big boots. You can wear less clothing if you wish, but if you try to wear more it will become ichier and more unpleasant by the second until you remove enough to match the code.

The second digit controls your sexual arousal level on a similar sliding scale. A 0 means you're completely unaroused and unable to be aroused. An 8 puts you out of reach of an orgasm, no matter how hard you or anyone else tries. A 9 puts you at the brink of orgasm. You can't tip yourself over the edge, but someone else can. Though you arousal will not be reduced even if you do orgasm, until trigger jewellery is removed.

The third digit controls how erect your nipples are in a similar fashion, 0 being not even slightly and 9 being solid little rocks.

In all three cases above a 5 is a special number. It makes that setting normal and react normally to other stimulus.

The last digit controls the amount of time, in minutes, before you can remove your trigger jewellery. The effects of the four digit number will remain in place until the jewellery is removed.

Happy 1999

Hexagon said...

Some really interesting suggestions/scenarios in here. Would love to hear how they have been going so far.

Anonymous said...

C. You will post to this blog all about what's been going on since your last post. Now.

Wompa said...


Spectre said...

I second that suggestion!

HypnoMaster D said...

Hello everyone,

c apologizes for not having responded recently. She was in a bad car accident a couple of weeks ago, and is recovering slowly (nothing broken, but very very painful). She's read the blog but hasn't felt up to posting. To her great frustration, even sex hurts too much right now.

As you may guess, K tried to see whether Megan could help ease c's pain, but it didn't work. Megan's in just as much pain herself.

They all beg your patience and send their thanks for your creativity. They'll be back!


Wompa said...

Get well soon, the Both of you!

Spectre said...

Best wishes from mee too!

Hypnoslave c said...

hi guys,
i'm getting better just so frustratingly slowly but i promise to be back soon xxx

Shadow said...

Hmm...have you tried a 'state-recall' for pain control? Basicly, assuming you've had painkillers at some time in the past, you can 'recall' that state and re-experience the effect of the pain-killers. As long as you have experienced something once, you can re-experience it any time you want to with hypnosis, orgasm is a great example of that.

Hope you, feel better, soon and I must say that I'm happy to 'meet' you all, nice place you have here.