Friday, May 9, 2008

I Heart you....

Hi guys and gals,

Seems like it's been far too long since i posted an update on here so i figured now would be as good a time as any....this blog will just be a quick update as to how i'm finding all these subtle alterations to my life and how i hope things will progress from here.

K has been really imaginative lately and i know you have seen that from the posting D made recently. It's so strange being unable to tell my husband and Master that i love him (although it seems i can still type it) yet i'm still able to get the sentiment across by saying "I heart you". It is the strangest substitution and i always feel silly when i say it but it also makes me smile as it shows me he has ultimate control over me and that is something a "good girl" like me craves.

The underwater thing is a whole side of things i want to progress further. I know it's been mentioned that we do experiment with breath play but we do it consentually and while i respect peoples opinions i hope people will respect mine. I have been swimming since i was 2 and am an extremely strong swimmer, trained diving instructor and also a freediver so i already have some great breath control. I think this hypno thing will help me a lot further with the freediving as it seems to be increasing my ability to stay underwater. This is something we really want to work on!

I am at home underwater, for many months now my "escape" place has been sitting on a rock under the sea watching the ocean around me, as well as my all important igloo!

Things are just getting better and better, spontaneous orgasms, random people for me to play with and D appearing in my house randomly when i know he is elsewhere never ceases to amaze me!

Long live hypno fun!


snick5908 @};- said...

Master and I use breathplay from time to time. If you've been getting angst from people, know at least I understand. I can't do "underwater" because right now it's online only and compters/water don't mix very well. Unless we want to add electrical play into it too :p

Hypnoslave c said...

Thank you so much for your's nice to know im not the only sub who gets something out of this. Before hypnosis i could hold my breath until i passed out which i had learned to do with K over many years, now it's just an extension of the original scene. Hmmm electrical play?? Can sometimes be fun...especially is the electricity is stored in batteries :)

Marc said...

Huge fan of this blog, i hope to see it return to its prime with more updates :)

So much to talk and explore :)

more triggers,adventures,DIY !

Hypnoslave c said...

Hey marc,

it's nice to see the old fans are still visiting and keeping tabs on us! I'm currently working on a new post, life has just been a bit chaotic recently but i hope to have something posted soon!

c xxxxx

Marc said...

Great news, is it still a conpulsion to pee at even hour?
those old posts and experiences are/have been/continue to see what hypno bdsm possibilities exist out there. my adventure has been amazing since i started.

Look forward to seeing many more posts, all the best