Monday, April 28, 2008

Finding Your Own Hypno Slave

How can you find someone who wants to be hypnotized? Or who wants to hypnotize you?

It can be surprisingly hard. 'Hypnosis' is not found on most of the kink and BDSM check lists, so the curious don't have many opportunities to announce their interest.

Here are two happy exceptions to that:

CollarMe has long included hypnosis on its list of interests, so users can include it in their profiles, and you can search for it. I've talked with a number of submissives there who are curious about hypnosis and eager to explore.

Now there's a new and very promising social networking site, FetLife, which has added hypnosis to its fetishes list. There are more than a dozen people into hypnotism, more every day. (Also, I've just opened a discussion group there, on Erotic Hypnosis. Stop by and register your thoughts about Orgasm on Command, our first topic.)

All in all, the world of kink seems to be opening its mind to mind control.


HS said...

Search the forums for 'email slave'.

You'll find some posts there from me 'HypnoStudent'.

I'm having great fun at the moment.

Moni said...

If you don't mind me asking, where at? I can't find it. =\

*please do not respond to this in a comment on my blogs or profile, sorry.*