Monday, April 21, 2008

Imagination Enhanced

K and c are just too busy exploring the world of mental illusions to send back enough reports. I have to go tracking them down to get their updates. OK, partly that's because they were on vacation for a couple of weeks, and fucking like bunnies. Partly it's because c spent a full day curled up in the cage. Without her mobile, apparently.

Anyway, the latest report shows that, after a year of putting hypnosis and mind control to work on his wife, K is far from running out of clever ideas.

* He's changed her vocabulary, made a few word-for-word substitutions. For instance, when c now tries to say "I love you," it comes out, "I heart you."

* Johnny Depp no longer sings to her from the passenger seat on her drive to work each day. No, now he shares their bed each night.

* And most intriguing, when they had a huge Jacuzzi tub on vacation, K told her to hold her breath, slide entirely under water, and stay as long as she wanted. "My heart slowed way down, I could feel it, I just relaxed, and it felt like hours and hours. It was wonderful," she says. K reports that it was actually six or seven minutes -- which itself is truly remarkable.


Anonymous said...

Ooooh, I really like the vocabulary substitution bit...


Sharky said...

hey there D thank you so much for your comment, your blog was a great inspiration from the start to not only start my own blog but even to finally try hypnotizing in the first place.

I've commented on here before under diffrent names and funnily enough you have spoken to girlfriend through Collarme as well. thank you for your inspiration, I hope I'll provide some interesting reads of my own to others.

HypnoMaster D said...

Check out Sharky's adventures at .