Monday, August 27, 2007

Your Votes In Action

The people have spoken, and c is in for a surprise soon. Well, three surpises.

The contest was close for a while, but in the end the simplest choice was the victor, at 38 percent:

She'll be out in public soon, completely unsuspecting, and she'll orgasm.
Then a bit later ... she'll orgasm.
And a couple minutes later ... she'll orgasm.

And even if she reads this entry every time she comes to the site, she won't remember it long enough to do her any good. Her three orgasms in 10 minutes will each come as a complete surprise.

(Megan, take a bow. You're hot.)

We'll bring you the play-by-play as soon as it becomes available.


Semega said...

Can't wait to hear the report back! I assume that these triggers would happen in a somewhat safe environment, say for instance, not when she was driving or crossing a congested street, so to speak. Did you have to add additional instructions for that, or is it implied, or would the "subject" be able to ascertain when taking the focus off what is happening in public, would be "safe" so to speak.
Certainly, giving a trigger for an "eye rolls behind your skull orgasm", while driving on the freeway going 80mph, would be a recipe for disaster!

HypnoMaster D said...

Not to worry. This all gets delivered by the Megan part of her mind, who is not going to do anything deliberately dangerous. And as an added safety feature, husband K might in fact go along to watch out for her.