Monday, January 15, 2007

Add Hypnosis to your Toy Bag

She already leaps to his command. She kneels, spreads, accepts, performs, whatever his whim. The routines are well-rehearsed behaviors, her conscious mind having agreed to yield to his control and simply ... obey.

Now imagine that her subconscious mind were under the same level of control, able to respond to a whole new level of commands without any conscious awareness of what's in store.

That's the core of what this blog is all about: Doms and subs, we urge you to try adding hypnosis to your repertoire. You've already laid the groundwork. All you need now is a deliberate, deep trance and the implanting of some core instructions.

The effects can be ... profound.

Each one of these areas deserves its own discussion, but for now here's a quick sample from e's life:

* I can remove events from her memory the moment they happen, and restore them later. So I can replay an intense event over, and over, and over, fresh each time.

* I have added false items to her memory. I've done this often enough that, well, she still hasn't worked out whether that eggplant in her bottom last week was real or not.

* She has experienced persuasive illusions in all her senses. I can decide what she tastes, smells, hears, sees, feels. That evening she spent in the bathroom with Meryl Streep probably combined all of those.

* She has been wrapped up tight in latex, hung upside down from the ceiling, and flogged, an effect so persuasive that her face flushed with all the blood running down to it.

* It's not all an illusion. Some effects have very real consequences. Obeying detailed instructions, she calmly sat at the food court in the mall right after Christmas, removed her bra and panties, and laid them on the table while she ate. Only later did I let her experience the shame.

* Some parts of her body respond very well to instructions. For instance, her bottom has dutifully fully relaxed at my instruction, so she can slide her hand up inside. No matter how often we do this, it still amazes her. On a lighter note: Every time she blinks, her nipples get harder. Kind of embarrassing sometime.

There's much more, in endless combinations, but you get the idea. The sub's mind and body, entirely without her conscious knowledge, are open to instruction, day and night.

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