Sunday, January 31, 2010

A hypnoslave's adventures continue...

Hello dear friends,

I am sorry i have been away from the blog for a long time but i/we are back and here to stay. My adventures in the world of hypnosis still continue, i still have the igloo where i spend time whilst K spends time with my subconscious megan planning my next adventure.

I find having a powerful subconscious such a benefit, i am able to overcome great mental obstacles and enjoy powerful illusions all at the same time. This christmas their gift to me was over 100 men all different shapes sizes and colours for me to spend an afternoon playing with. K informs me that this is his favourite illusion to watch as he can actually see my pussy and ass opening to accept invisble cocks.

I also am a lover of invisible bondage. Through hypnosis i never have to take off my collar. It used to be something we saved for home play to avoid complications at work but now i wear it all the time even if sometimes its just an illusion. My favourite game at the moment is having a bell added so that it tinkles as a constant reminder of my submission. Walking round work with tit bondage nobody else can see is also extremely erotic!

There are a few drawbacks with megan being so powerful. Sometimes it is like she has her own separate emotions and i get confused when i feel something (happy/sad/jealous) and have no idea why. i will go into more detail about this on a different blog.

i guess we still have plenty to discover....

c xxxx


Fluence said...

Ooh, an invisible collar, that's a good idea! I've been thinking about collars a bit recently, but don't really know how to go about it, that could be a way around some issues, thanks!

Oliver said...

Good to hear that you are better and back to stay! I checked back here once in a while, every time hoping you would return. I'm looking forward to hearing more from your adventures!