Monday, January 25, 2010

Hypnosis is all about my words and someone's mind, working together. But over the years, I've found that some words are simply more powerful than others.

I've mentioned before the power of saying, "Good girl." And I've added some oomph to the phrase "Smile for me."

Here's how I found another powerful one.

Women who ask me about hypnosis often say they'd like to use it to remove ... um ... "some inhibitions."

Oh yes? Tell me more, I say. That's a bit of unfair torment. I already know where they're going: They have inhibitions about anal sex and deep throat.

Now as a gentleman, I am happy to help out however I can to make it easier for them to manage both of them. The subconscious generally has fewer inhibitions than the conscious mind, so hypnosis is an ideal method for removing those hurdles.

The first few times this came up, though, I wasn't sure how to proceed.

I knew not to take a negative approach. "Don't gag." "It won't hurt". That's like saying "Don't think of a purple elephant." Hypnotic instructions work best when phrased in the positive. For a while I would say, "Your throat can't care." That was OK, but not really to the point.

By accident, as usual, I hit upon a couple of phrases that really worked well. They can be adapted lightly for use with all, um, holes.

"Your bottom is utterly relaxed. It's sooo hungry."

"Your throat is utterly relaxed. It's sooo hungry."

That seems to be exactly what the body wants to be told.

When I use these over the phone, I usually hear a gasp at the other end. When I use them in person, well, you can imagine. I've seen a very large, rugged dildo disappear smoothly into a formerly nervous backside -- without a sound.

What's your favorite phrase?


Cecily DeVille said...
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Cecily DeVille said...

A number of my trance partners respond very well ( ok, they melt ) to good boy/good girl, which is generally more underpant dependent than gender based. I just discovered today that when I say it to one of my wonderfully adept partners, he responds as a dog. *pants/ wags :P

Good to see you back!

Anonymous said...

I am rather fond of "all the time in the world"
Are you running out of stories to write about?