Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Our leave of absence

Hi all,
Firstly i haven't had contact with D for a long time, have no idea if anything has happened to him and its partly this lack of communication that has made me reluctant to blog on here. It is D's blog but hopefully he is fine and well and will return to the fold soon.
myself and K have had to deal with relatives passing away, massive work issues, the financial climate and the poor health of our daughter. We have not intended to neglect you dear readers but life has a funny way of biting you on the ass at times.
So what have we been up to? Over the past 3 weeks we have really got back into our bdsm lifestyle and hypnosis is being used again to ensure that everything i experience has intensity turned up to the max. The fave trick of the moment is an old one really, I disappear to my igloo for a while and when i come back my entire body is on fire, whilst out i have been whipped by K and not feeling a thing only to feel the intense heat and pain when i return, that is a pretty cool trick as K likes to go at it hard (and i love it when he does) and there have been times where i have been in the room and talking to him while he does it yet unable to feel a thing! Definitely is something to try with your subs its a mind rush as well as the intensity of the pleasure/pain boundaries.

We have used hypnosis recently for more practical uses rather than sexual, keeping me calm is not an easy task when my world was crumbling around me and hypnosis has enabled me to function without breaking down into tears ever 5 mins or so.

So has any of you incorporated hypnosis into your bdsm play? I'm sure the loyal readers will have tried it and i am interested in what you guys think of it. I have some time off work over the next few weeks so will post regularly and visit to read the comments often. Hopefully we will all hear from D too!
Speak soon
c xxxxx

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Ckink said...

We have been reading your blog with great interest. We are just about to begin. So far we have only tried a few relaxation exercises. There will be more on that on our blogs:





Looking forward to further updates here.

/Captain Kink and his Pee-girl