Thursday, December 20, 2007

Getting the Point

It's been far too long since a submissive offered a report on one of my in-person scenes. Let's change that right now. Her name is LG, I've hypnotized her both online and in person, and this is the report she wrote for a sub friend of hers:

"Here's the photo of me with the needles in my breast. I know you're going to need an explanation, because I am such a wuss about pain. The answer is very simple and very complicated at the same time.

"The simple answer is that D told me it wouldn't hurt, and it didn't. The complicated answer is that somehow he has managed to get into my head and not only turn off pain but bring it back as well. We've done this in person, obviously, but also just online. He's asked me to put clothes pins right on my nipple and then made the pain disappear and reappear - slowly, gradually as he counted.

"I can sort of understand this kind of thing. But what I can not understand is how he has pictures of me outside in places I know I have never been. Yeah, I know that sounds crazy, but it's true. I have no memory at all, but I must have ridden in his car to get there. And until I asked him today, I didn't even know what sort of car he drove!!

"It's sort of the ultimate submission - I don't even have to think about being obedient; I just am."

"As for the needles, I really don't have much of a memory of how he did it - just some rather disconnected sounds and feelings. I can remember the sound of him opening the package with the needle in it. I can feel his hand squeezing my breast and a sharp prick. I think I gasped. I'm reasonably sure he said "Good girl". I know it happened 4 times because I can see the needles in the picture. I do remember asking him to take the pictures. But the whole procedure is definitely fuzzy.

"Maybe you should ask him to fill in the blanks. After all he was there - even if only part of me was. "

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SISI said...

WOW! I always wanted someone to do that to me, but with nipple piercing, and lots of needles.